A picture of GSM featured on front page of the Ringing World’s Easter Edition with the accompanying short article.

Tolling for the National Day of Reflection for the victims of Covid and then also on the day of the death of the Duke of Edinburgh and again the following day

No general ringing at present but there are still activities :-

Sunday Morning Coffee Zoom takes place at 9.30am – details are sent out to the Youths Chat mailing list, alternatively contact the master or the secretary if you wish to join us, maybe just pop in and say hello

Christmas Quiz Thankyou to Catriona and Jonathan for organising the pre-Christmas quiz. Good fun answering a range of questions including identifying CT scans of various fruit. Congratulations to the Cambridge/Bristol Team Phil on their win

Christmas Ringing – Pleased to say there was some ringing on Christmas Day by David, Cecilia, Henry and Alf Pipe ringing on 5 (David double handling) .

Ringing Room Practices (Monthly)- contact the master or the secretary if you wish to join the Monthly practice. All levels and experience catered for. Next practice 11th Jan at 7.30pm

Advanced Maximus Practice (Monthly) for experienced ringing roomers – Bristol, Spliced Phobos and Bristol, and Zanussi. Contact the Master if interested. Next practice Tuesday 26th Jan at 7.30 pm